Mato Toys 1/16 Scale U.S Sherman M4A1 Medium Size Tank (Radio Controlled)


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Mato 1/16 Scale Sherman M4A1 (76), answer to Heng Long Tanks?


This Sherman M4A1 (76) tank is NOT produced by the famous 1/16 Scale tank manufacturer, HENG LONG. Instead, it is completely manufacturered by a company called MATO. Apparently they have been releasing a lot of metal upgrade parts for Heng Long tanks.


There had been approximately 50,000 pieces of Sherman tanks being produced over the course of Second World War. Sherman, is the nick name given by the British. The original model code is M4, developed by the US Ordnance department after seeing the powerful German heavy tank counterparts.


This particluar Sherman M4A1 is the earlier production version being delivered to the European Threatre Operation. The tank is equipped with the 76mm main gun, which was proven effective enough while confronting the German Panzer III with howitzer guns in North Africa.


in terms of Firepower, it was still inferior to the powerful 88mm German main gun. But the Sherman was better in terms of mobility. And dont forget, when the US produced the Sherman, they did it like when they were producing the Ford Model T, it was quantity over quality.



Do you know what you are buying?


So how does this compare to Heng Long Tanks?


1). Apparence & Details: It looks like Mato Toys used better plastic raw material. Not the recycle plastic commonly used by Heng Long. Besides, the two hatches at the front hull can be opened. Mato Toys even printed the word "Fire Stone" on every rubber tyres. That compare to Heng Long typical one piece wheel + tyres, is called a big step forward.


Paint job - there is no suprise. Mato had painted all the tanks in classic US Oliver green colour.


2). Mobility: Almost identical to Heng Long, except that Mato had developed their own version of transmitter, which we think it is not as smooth as the Heng Long ones.


3). Function: The only downside with this tank is No Smoke function.



  • 2 levels forward Speed (a.k.a "Proportional Speed") The more you push the throttle, the faster it goes
  • 3 Channels controller, with removable crystal chips ( you can change frequency if you wish )
  • Suitable for indoor, or outdoor ( Not recommended for water surface, and heavy mud land )
  • Shooting BB Bullet up to 25 meters range
  • Tank can move, forward, backward, left, right, can climb incline angle up to 30 degrees
  • Sound effect including Engine start up, Cannon Shooting sound simulation, and engine running
  • Dual Front LED light and Dual Rear LED light at the back
  • Can load up to 30 BB Bullet


  • Luxury Box Set with handle
  • 7.2V Ni-Cd Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Charger ( UK Standard )
  • 1 x Shooting Board
  • 1 pack of sticker
  • 1 x Transmitter @ 27.145 MHz
  • 1 x US M4A1 Sherman (76)W Radio Control Tank,




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