Waltersons U16 Radio Controlled submarine (static diving)


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Product NameWaltersons U16 Radio Controlled submarine

Product code: WT-0906

This stunning little U-16 RTR U-Boat model can be enjoyed by all ages courtesy of the included easy to use full-function 3 channel 27MHz radio system. Gliding silently at a maximum rate of 0.15 knots, these miniature marvels are capable of dizzying 360º rotation and forward and reverse function. It's one thing to look like a submarine - but another to function like one. Fortunately these do!

Capable of diving to fish-frightening depths of 0.6 metres at the push of a button and resurfacing is just as easy. Supplied complete with 1S, 180mAh Li-Po that charges from the transmitter in around 20 minutes.


Channels Radio Control
3 motors installed to control the Static Diving, Propeller & Rudder system respectively.
1. Static Diving System, enable the submarine to float & dive up to 0.6 meters depth
2. Single Drive Screw Propeller System, enable the submarine to move forward,
backward, left, right. Maximum speed reachs 0.1m /s
3. Micro Size rudder System, enable submarine to rotate 360 degree clockwise or

• Workable range up to 3 meters ( Indoors )
• User friendly charging by plugging the provided charge cable to both transmitter & the socket
located at deck front.
• Full charge takes around 20 minutes
• Action Time up to 15 minutes
• Only 145mm long!
• Front LED Light
• Excellent paint Job

Requires: 6x 'AA' 1.5v Batteries for Transmitter

Length: 145mm (5.7")
Height: 48mm (1.9")
Weight: 85g (3oz)
Radio System: 3 Channel 27.145 MHz (Inc.)
Width: 33mm (1.3")

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