1/16 New U.S Army Heng Long M4A3 Sherman Radio Control Tank With Airsoft BB Sound & Smoke Metal Version


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1/16 RC New US Army Heng Long M4A3 Sherman Tank With BB Sound & Smoke Metal Version

The Sherman evolved from the Grant and Lee medium tanks, which had an unusual side-sponson mounted 75 mm gun. It retained much of the previous mechanical design, but added the first American main 75 mm gun mounted on a fully traversing turret, with a gyrostabilizer enabling the crew to fire with reasonable accuracy while the tank was on the move.[4] The designers stressed mechanical reliability, ease of production and maintenance, durability, standardization of parts and ammunition in a limited number of variants, and moderate size and weight. These factors made the Sherman superior in some regards to the earlier German light and medium tanks of 1939-41. The Sherman ended up being produced in large numbers and formed the backbone of most Allied offensives, starting in late 1942.

- Product Name: 1/16 RC New US Army Heng Long M4A3 Sherman Tank With BB Sound & Smoke Metal Version

- Condition: Brand New boxed

- item Code:030P033898PA0
- Dimension: 375mm X 170mm X 185mm
- Function: Forward, reverse, left/right turn.Left/right Spin.Gun barrel up/down,turret left/right turn
- Shooting Range: 5-8 meters
- Run time: 25-30minutes


The original Shermans were able to defeat the relatively small German tanks such as the Panzer III and IV they faced when first deployed in North Africa. Later, they found themselves more evenly matched against the newer up-gunned and up-armored Pz.Kpfw. IV medium tanks. Shermans were often outmatched by the 45 ton Panther tank and wholly inadequate against the 56 ton Tiger I and later 72 ton Tiger II heavy tanks, suffering high casualties against their heavier armor and more powerful 88 mm L/56 and L/71 cannons. Mobility, mechanical reliability and sheer numbers, supported by growing superiority in supporting fighter-bombers and artillery, helped offset these disadvantages strategically. The relative ease of production allowed huge numbers of the Sherman to be produced. This allowed many divisions, even many infantry divisions, their own organic Sherman assets. Some infantry divisions had more tanks than German panzer divisions did. This was a huge advantage for the Americans.



  • Preinstalled Metal Tracks, Metal Idler Wheels, Metal Driver Wheels, Metal Gearbox;
  • SOUND: most emulational motor start-up sound, engine sound, machine-gun sound, cannonball sound;
  • SMOKE, realistic porportional smoke function;
  • Forward, reverse, left/right turn.Left/right Spin.Gun barrel up/down,turret left/right turn
  • BATTERY:equipped with Ni-Cd1700mah/7.2v battery.
  • Playing time per charge: 25minutes.
  • Light-up warning system.
  • Auto reload bullet system.
  • Realistic suspension system.
  • machine gun,gun barrel flashing light.


  • Max. Firing range of Motor Air Gun: Approx. 250CM
  • Gun Shell: 6mm BB Shell
  • Load of Shells: Approx. 70 Shells
  • Max. Side Turning Angle of Turret(Left/Right): Approx. 320"
  • Max. Vertical Turning Angle of Gun(Up/Down): Approx. 20"
  • Max. Climbing Gradient: Approx. 35"
  • Dimension: 375mm X 170mm X 185mm

Package Including:


  • Tank (100% assembled)
  • Powerful 7.2V Ni-Mh 2000mAh battery
  • 7.2V 400mAh GS Certified UK Charger
  • Bottle of oil for the Smoke function
  • Transmitter with face plate painted in Black
  • Package of Air soft BB Bullets
  • Targets so that you can practice your aim Easy to Use Instruction manual
  • Tank Commander
  • Tank Track Sections
  • Premium User manual with artwork illustration
  • Premium carrying box
  • Premium Black foam internal packaging


  • 8 x AA batteries for transitter (Not Included)


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