Heng Long 1:16 Scale German Tiger 1 Rc Tanks (PRO VERSION)


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A brief history of German Tiger I tank:

The Tiger I was a German heavy tank used in World War II, from late 1942 until the German surrender in 1945. The tank design served as the basis for other armoured vehicles

The tank was given its nickname Tiger De-Tiger-pronunciation.ogg listen (help‧info) by designer Ferdinand Porsche, and the Roman numeral was added after the later Tiger II entered production.

Tigers were capable of destroying the American M4 Sherman or British Churchill IV at ranges exceeding 2,000 m. In contrast, the Soviet T-34 equipped with the 76.2 mm gun could not penetrate the Tiger frontally at any range, but could achieve a side penetration at approximately 500 m firing the BR-350P APCR ammunition. The T34-85's 85 mm gun could penetrate the Tiger from the side at about range 1,000 m


Do you know what you are buying?

Basically, there are three different version of Heng Long tanks,

A). Standard tank with Nylon Tracks, Plastic Wheels and Plastic Gear Box (No Smoke generator + No Rx-18 circuit board). Keep in mind, this particular version is still using the older Rx-14 circuit board to keep the cost down. Therefore, you can pick one up easily at less than 60 pounds.

- After you bought the Standard Non Smoking version, and decided you want smoke unit. Unfortunately you CANNOT. That circuit board is not compatible with smoke Unit. It will ended up costing you another 20 pounds.

B). Standard tank with Nylon Tracks, Plastic Wheels and Plastic Gear Box (With Smoke generator + Rx-18 circuit board). This particular version has smoke generator factory installed smoking unit + Rx-18 circuit board. ( You can decide whether or not upgrade to PRO Metal upgrade version with this standard )

C). PRO VERSION with Rx18 circuit, smoking unit as standard equipment + Zinc alloy metal tracks, Zinc alloy sprockets, Ilder Wheels and Zinc alloy metal gear drivetrain. This version will cost you probably more than 120 pounds.


Why Heng Long tanks?

It is affordable !!

And Yet, it has almost every function you can find in a 400 GBp plus Tamiya Tiger tank. Or maybe more, it has smoking effect function, and shooting recoil function, which are not exist in Tamiya Tank.

What are improvement of these new Tiger in compare to the older version?

- New Rx-18 Circuit board, no soldering gun required. Just plug & play

- Precisely build in 1/16 Scale, for modelers, it would take some minor additional paint job to enhance the painting effect of the tank

- The tank is capable to move forward, backward, left, right, 360 degrees rotation both clockwise and anti-clockwise

- Turret can move up and down, from left to right at 320 degrees, the tank is equipped with Airsoft gear box, it can shoot BB Bullet up to 25 meters long. ( Ranging from 10m to 25m, depending on battery level & coil, this figure may vary )



  • Real Smoking Action!
  • Equipped with Motor Air Gun
  • All Tread Suspension System
  • Full Motion Turret
  • 2-Level Forward Speed Control
  • Super Spin Mode
  • Load up to 15 pcs of BB bullet
  • Continuous Shooting Action
  • Fire while on the move!
  • Adjustable Sound Effects: Firing & Simulative Motor Start-up
  • Built-in Smoke Generator
  • Highly maneuverable performance: forward run, backward run, left turn, right turn, spin stunt and super spin stunt
  • High emulation , climbing, shooting, rotating gun turret, the barrel moved from head to foot
  • Engine Sound System.


Brand new box including:

  • Luxury Box Set with handle
  • 7.2V Ni-Cd Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Charger ( UK Standard )
  • 1 x Shooting Board
  • 1 pack of sticker
  • 1 x Transmitter @ 27.145 MHz
  • 2 x Commander Figure + 1 x Dog
  • 1 x German Tiger 1 Radio Control Airsoft Battle Tank
  • Zinc Alloy Gear Drivetrain (left & Right)
  • Zinc Alloy Metal Tracks
  • Zinc Alloy Drive Sprocket
  • Zinc Alloy Ilder Wheels





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