Matorro 1:16 Scale German King Tiger (Production Turret) Radio Controlled Tank


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The most fearful tank in World War II, and still considered as one of the best design tanks at all time !

The German King Tiger Tank: From our past experience, it shows that for those who check this particular listing, must have already owned more than 1 remote control tank. This particular 1/16 German King Tiger tank is always the most wanted model to most enthausiant's collection.

Even a 10 years old child would have heard of the famous German Tiger tank. It was developed in late 1942, and was considered the most powerful model from the Tiger tank fleet. The King Tiger tank has a powerful 88 mm long turret and an almost impenetrable front amour. Most important of all, up to the end of the world war II, the allies had not introduce any effective tank to counter this King Tiger threat.

The King Tiger 88's mm main gun has a muzzle velocity of 1000m per second and it was high accurate and able to peneatrate 150 mm of armor at distances exceeding 2200mm. No wonder it earned the title of, "one of the most featured tank in WWII" Some said it will take up to five U.S Sherman M4 to defeat one German Tiger Tank. Despite what the rumor had spread, during the second world war, there were around 50,000 sherman M4 been produced. Whereas, there are only around 1,850 units of German Tiger and King Tiger tank been produced.

The earlier production of German Tiger I had vertical amour all around, but the German King Tiger had adopted the sloped front armour design from the Russian T-34. This 1/16 Scale tank has Zimmerit effect


About this tank !


Matorro King Tiger:

Matorro had developed a completely brand new molding that replicated exactly the 1/16 scale of the German King Tiger tank. If you check carefully, the front and side armours surface of the tank are covered with pre-made Zimmerit patterns. This is a must add-tank to your favourite 1/16 scale collection !

1:16 Scale Smoking Edition RC Battle Tank is awesome! It has a built-in smoke generator and produces simulative motor start-up sound, engine sound, machine-gun sound, and cannonball sound. It's almost 2 feet in length! With full multi-directional driving (and it's fast!), turret swivel and barrel raise and lower, you'd think that that would be good enough. But oh no, the coup de grace, the absolutely fantastically wonderful thing about this tank, is that it fires pellets!!!!

Oh yes, with a maximum range of 3.5 meters, and a capacity of 15 bullets, it powers out plastic BB's at a rate of 1p/s it even has a powerful red warning light next to the barrel that illuminates just before it fires, and as we've said already, it's fast.

The turret can turn 320 degrees from one end to the other, and the gun barrel can move 5 degrees up and down, expanding its shooting range !!

The platform is built with mulitple suspension and therefore it has no problem running over small obtacles.



  • 1 x 1/16 Scale Matorro King Tiger Henschel Production Turret, painted in camouflage
  • 1 x 27MHz AM Controller
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x German Commander Figure, + decoraton accessories
  • 1 x Shooting Board
  • 1 x 7.2V Ni-Cd Rechargable Battery + AC/DC 110-220V Wall Charger
  • 1 x Spare Smoking Oil
  • 1 x Antenna ( Tank + Transmitter )
  • 1 x Packet of BB Bullet ( roughly 40 pcs )



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