Heng Long 1:16 Scale Radio Controlled Tank Rx-18 Circuit Board with all cables


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Heng Long 1/16 Scale Tank - Rx-18 Circuit Board + all cables

This circuit board can actually be used in various radio control applicances. We heard from R/c friends who used this board in their radio control boat project. Since the Rx-18 circuit board can provide up to 5 control channels.

1). Left & Right Motors ( Not fully digital proportional )

2). Turret rotating from left to right, vice versa

3). Gun barrel elevation ( motor only moves in 1 direction )

4). Smoke generator ( constant voltage supply at ~ 5.5 Volts )

5). BB Bullet Shooting


This circuit board was a standard equipment for Heng Long R/c tanks produced after 2010. The electronics inside this board is a lot more reliable than the previous versions.

Rx-13 (used since the beginning until 2007), all cables are soldered straight to the circuit

Rx-14 (used during 2007 to early 2010), circuit board has plugs, but the board is fully exposed. Smoking oil and motor lubricants can easily get spilled over the board causing short circuit.


The new Rx-18 circuit board is protected by a plastic case. The size is very compact and all functionality are written on the case surface.




  • More stable voltage supply
  • Comes with plastic case, preventing possible contemination
  • Including all cables, plug & play. Very simple.

·Packaging Content:

  • 1 x Rx-18 Circuit board

    1 pair of Motor cable, for Left and Right

    1 x 8 ports cable ( Controls turret, barrel elevation functions )

    1 x on / off switch cable

    1 x Smoke generator cable

    1 x Sound generator cable

    1 x Infrared Shooting Port Cable






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