Mato Toys Heng Long German Tiger 1, Metal Upgrade Towing Cable ( 1 Pair )


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Heng Long 1/16 Scale German Tiger 1 Metal Hull Towing Cable pair set.

Probably after you done your metal cupola, commander hatch, mud flap, and thinking what is the next most cost saving upgrade? Yet this next upgrade will catch your fellow rc tank friends attention...

Well, our suggestion would be the Metal Towing Cable pair set. The original towing cable was made by injection plastic, regardless of how you attempt to paint it over, or trying to put weathering effect on it, it still looks very much a plastic.



The installation time should take you less than 40 minutes.

Tool: YES, require a small drill bit

You will have to pull out the original plastic injection towing cable. Unfortunately there is no way out except for pulling it out with brutal force. In our case, after we pulled it out, part of it will still get stuck in the hole.

No worries, take a sharp pin, tap on the residual plastic left inside the hole.

You will realize that the knob (to fix the cable in place) in the metal cable has a slightly larger diameter than the original hole. Take a small drill bit, and grind it on the hole, it will slightly expand its diameter.



- A lot more refine looking, the original cable was made by plastic injection, therefore it lacks of details. This Metal cable gives you a much authetic appealing



- 2 x Metal Towing Cable




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